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                                                                                     COACH IMMO PRO
                                                                                          Real Estate 2.0

                                                             Coach Immo Pro is another vision of real estate.

      By developing our concept, we have created a more innovative, agile and precise real estate dynamic, close to the aspirations of our clients.
    A real estate dynamic in line with lifestyles, which lives on the Internet and social networks. A real estate connected to the projects of our clients.
    It is a new way of apprehending real estate sales between individuals while being advised by a professional. You train, advise you, provide you with all the services and tools to optimize the sale of real estate. Without agency fees.

    Sell ​​your property accompanied by a real estate coach and put all chances on your side.
    You train, advise you, provide you with all the services and tools to optimize the sale of real estate.

    The attendance of our site combined with the permanent support of our professional team will take you to success.
    The coaching with our real estate coach allows you to reduce the sales cycle.

    Coach Immo Pro offers fixed price services to help you sell without commission. You will not have any percentage to pay to anyone. Thus, you will profit as much as possible from the profit of the sale of your property

    Commission-free sales continue to grow
    Official statistics show that it is faster to sell live than to go through a real estate agency and that live sales continue to gain ground.

    For several years the real estate sales are carried out by the owners
    Moreover, Coach Immo Pro is not a simple advertiser but offers you services and valuable sales support tools that allow you to get the best result.

                                             Prepare your property to sell it better

                                   Learn how to sell without paying a commission!
                                                        Without any obligation!

    Our information sessions are completely free.

    Our real estate coach will visit you at your convenience in order to explain how Coach Immo Pro can help you to sell your real estate without paying a commission.

                                                              You will discover :

    • How is the sale of a property realized.
    • How to prepare your property in anticipation of the sale.
    • How to set the right price.
    • What services does Coach Immo Pro offer?
    • How to succeed serenely without agent and without commission!